Links to the music of Prahas

Hello, Readers,

I thought you might enjoy hearing a bit of my music.

*** Osho Piano Music ***

1) I Keep on Loving You (a solo piano version of an Osho song)

2) I Can Hear You (ditto)

*** Instrumental Music ***

3) In Three (my most recent instrumental – very beautiful.  [4′ 10″] )

4) Haiku for Piano (10 spontaneous sound poems [7′ 14″] )

5) Haiku #8 Long Form (a lovely piano solo [7′ 13″] )

6) Spectrum (rough draft film underscoring–cool video and sounds.  [3′ 09″] )

7) Barber Adagio for Strings (recorded by myself on an electric piano
with a decent string sound – such a gorgeous/ piece [8′ 41″] )

8) up is Down down is Up (atonal music video. chaos.  [2′ 13″] )

*** Fractal Music ***

9) Lorenz (a composition derived from the Lorenz system of fractal equations)

10) Rabinovich-Fabrikant (another fractal music video – percussion and piano!)

11) Rossler (a composition derived from the Rossler system of fractal equations)

12) Double Pendulum (ditto from the Double Pendulum equations)

*** Theatre Music ***

13) Samples of my theatre music  (snippets of four pieces [2′ 00″] )

14) Sky (a lovely 3-min. music video – from the musical, “We Used to Sing in the Streets”)

15) Rick’s Composition – Part III (“Sky” was Part II, this is Part III [4′ 54″] )

16) Jane’s Aria (from the musical, “We Used to Sing in the Streets” [8′ 52″] )

17) A Trapeze Artist’s Nightmare (music from the musical City Limits [2′ 00″] )

18) It’s a Dream! (a four-minute avant garde music video, also from City Limits)

19) Opening – Miracles (the opening from the musical, Abraham’s Land [3′ 45″] )

20) Written in Stone (a song from the musical, Abraham’s Land [3′ 45″] )

*** Older Instrumental Music ***

21) Dahl Piece for Flute and Percussion  (Flute: Matthew Reid Schwartz;
Percussion: myself.  Recorded at Wesleyan University, 1987. [11′ 00″] )

22) String Quartet #1 (Excuse the cheesy electronic instruments)

23) String Quartet #2 (Ditto)

I’d love to read your feedback in the comments below!

About musingsofadisciple

What is essential to say? My name is Prahas. I have worked in the arts, in technology, and in business. I spent ten years in a school of meditation. Love.
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  1. Dear Div and Ram — thanks for liking my page!

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