Crisis Sex?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!  Quick, grab the nearest hottie and jump into the sack…

A fundamental question I find staring me in the face is, “How am I going to respond to the recent local, state, national, and international events?”

To the best of my ability, I intend to spin things positive.

We have the catch phrases to guide us:

* It’s all good;

* Every challenge is actually an opportunity in disguise;

* No problem is ever given to us without the resources and intellect needed to solve it;

* Out with the old, in with the new.

Throughout human history, things have been built, and things have come apart.  When something comes apart, I intend to look for the opportunity to discard the pieces that weren’t working, and preserve that which is beauty-enhancing.

I am going to greet any incoming tidal wave of darkness with a tsunami of light, delight, love, bliss and benediction, thereby creating a massive Yin-Yang-sign swirl of Godly energy.

My Aikido will be perfect:  the light and darkness will neutralize each other, leaving a gentle, calm sunset for us all to enjoy.

A high standard, indeed.  Having these words to re-read will remind me, moment to moment, to live them.  If I come up short, so be it.  At least I have had a glimpse of what I want to create.

About musingsofadisciple

What is essential to say? My name is Prahas. I have worked in the arts, in technology, and in business. I spent ten years in a school of meditation. Love.
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