Star Wars

I finally broke down today and went to see, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”  I’ve been resisting because it is so violent, and I didn’t want to bring more violence into my world and by transitivity into the world around me.

But I broke down and I went because the fact of the matter is the most conscious most wise most present people I know are in near-constant battle.  They fight amongst themselves and with other great humans around the world.

They don’t fight with guns and bombs; no red blood is spilled.  Rather, they have heated arguments over lofty principles and visions of the future and the direction of the planet and the allocation of global resources and the teaching methods most deserving of investment and on and on and on…

Their light sabers and laser guns are filled not with highly super-charged photons, but rather with beam-like, concentrated mental and psychic energy.

They fight and they fight and they fight, and if we possessed the power to perceive the beams of energy, we would see the skies around us and above us filled with the criss-crossing patterns of electric blue and red light.  We would see the dark grey smog which arises as the beams interact with the nano-sized particles of pollution in the air:  a thick soot choking out the healing rays of the sun.

Why did I go see Star Wars?  Because Star Wars is what my experience is.  Star Wars is what is happening in my life. Star Wars isn’t creating the violence:  it is art mirroring life.  It is making the invisible visible.

It may be a John Lennon-esque thought, but if we put all of the resources we put into fighting into meeting the needs of everyone who joins the wars, we could create need-free people, who would then largely lose the impulse to fight in the first place.  And — I assert we would have lots of resources left over, because I suspect it is a lot cheaper to give people what they need (and to a degree what they want too) then to pay for all of the battles.

May the Force be with us all, everyone of us!

About musingsofadisciple

What is essential to say? My name is Prahas. I have worked in the arts, in technology, and in business. I spent ten years in a school of meditation. Love.
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