it’s time

So it’s that moment when total chaos is about to erupt and she is standing there outside and she flashes forward and her daughter whispers in her ear, “wake up, mommy” and then she flashes forward to the meeting with the guy and she realizes she called him she needs to call him and then she — this one little woman — goes running back against the grain of all these soldiers and CIA guys and politicians and bugging-out-tents coming down all around her and systems being shut down and she finds the one active sat phone and she places the call and what did i say what did i say….

It’s that moment and i need to wake up and find the phone and make the call and say the words…

corral the herds…

it’s jonn lennon-esque sure but lots of folks know we need it

lots of folks know we need a global village

a lot of folks enjoy the fun

a hero strives for everyone

it’s time to band together and work for the collective

it’s always darkest before the dawn

well it’s time a stream of light came over the horizon

the planes are in the air

the HUDs are lit

we’re all on emergency O2 and our tanks are running out

it’s time to work for all of us to see we are all humans with flesh and blood and bone and desires for life and air and water and food and healthy children and a little bit more a little love and a little connection and a little education…

it’s time.

About musingsofadisciple

What is essential to say? My name is Prahas. I have worked in the arts, in technology, and in business. I spent ten years in a school of meditation. Love.
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