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Beyond Information

In a world awash with data, please remember:  there is something immensely valuable beyond information.  A beautiful, divine silence exists beyond the mind-stuff.

There is a miraculous, subtle force in play which moves us gently toward this silence.  This is the story of how this force worked on me.

In my twenties, I was steeped in the intellectual world.  I was reading spiritual texts, but they did not penetrate.  When I turned twenty nine, I moved to a suburb of the city in which I was living.  This move lessoned to a large degree the noise and distraction to which I was subjected.  In astrological terms, I was in my Saturn return, so the miraculous force had the stars on its side.

One night, at a dinner party, I exchanged a few words with a new acquaintance.  She mentioned she spent six months in the U.S. and six months in India.  I didn’t think much of it.

A few weeks later, I was standing in line at a cafe, and I caught sight of a group of four people laughing and enjoying.  Upon looking more closely, I noticed the woman I had met at the dinner party.  I was wearing a tee-shirt with the logo of a theatre company with which I had worked.  My acquaintance said, “I didn’t know you worked in theatre.  This man is a world-renowned theatre artist from Germany.”  Introductions were made, and I sat down with them to have a coffee.

Two minutes later, I was crying my eyes out.

I have no recollection of what transpired between the introduction and the crying.  However, I do remember, after I finally calmed down, the German artist saying, “You are ready.”

There is an ancient saying.  The student does not find the Master; the Master finds the student.  In this case, the Master used one of his disciples to find me.

A few weeks later, I was immersed in a Zen Theatre course, which combined theatre exercises with meditation techniques.

Shortly thereafter, I became the disciple of an enlightened Master, and began to learn the methods which helped me to have a glimpse of that which lies beyond the spoken word, beyond the zippy thoughts, beyond the emotions, and beyond the sensations of the physical body.

It only took one glimpse of this peace, this silence, this blissfulness, to know that in the end, this is all I need.

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On “a vision”…

As I was journaling this morning, I found myself writing this hypothesis:  “A vision by definition involves an on-going set of ideas projected out into the future.  That is to say a vision lives in the realms of thought and permanence.  And what have we heard?  *Truth* resides in the realms of BEYOND-thought and IMpermanence.”  Hypothetical implication:  to fight for a vision is to fight for something less than totally true.

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it’s time

So it’s that moment when total chaos is about to erupt and she is standing there outside and she flashes forward and her daughter whispers in her ear, “wake up, mommy” and then she flashes forward to the meeting with the guy and she realizes she called him she needs to call him and then she — this one little woman — goes running back against the grain of all these soldiers and CIA guys and politicians and bugging-out-tents coming down all around her and systems being shut down and she finds the one active sat phone and she places the call and what did i say what did i say….

It’s that moment and i need to wake up and find the phone and make the call and say the words…

corral the herds…

it’s jonn lennon-esque sure but lots of folks know we need it

lots of folks know we need a global village

a lot of folks enjoy the fun

a hero strives for everyone

it’s time to band together and work for the collective

it’s always darkest before the dawn

well it’s time a stream of light came over the horizon

the planes are in the air

the HUDs are lit

we’re all on emergency O2 and our tanks are running out

it’s time to work for all of us to see we are all humans with flesh and blood and bone and desires for life and air and water and food and healthy children and a little bit more a little love and a little connection and a little education…

it’s time.

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My coaching website

Hello friends!  I’ve begun a career as a life coach.  Learn more here:

Exquisite Attention Coaching website

Have a beautiful day!

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Saying no.

Click here to see the latest musings…  Enjoy!

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Becoming aware of awareness

Click here for my latest musings…  Love.

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Consciousness and Mind

There is an interesting conversation online (recording available on YouTube) about the relationship between consciousness and mind.


Sean Carroll, a physicist, takes a scientific materialist point of view, and Alan Wallace, a Buddhist scholar, takes a more “spiritual” point of view.  Wallace suggests that consciousness exists beyond mind, and is somewhat unexplainable.  Carroll objects, saying no one can explain the mechanism by which this “unexplainable” phenomena of consciousness interacts with the human mind. In my view, the two’s disagreements may be bridged as follows:

Carroll, in another lecture, presents the idea that every “everyday life” phenomena can be explained by a complex formula he calls The Core Theory.

The Core Theory equation

(The other lecture online:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x26a-ztpQs8)

The Core Theory equation, which contains terms which reference quantum mechanics, spacetime, gravity, other forces, matter, and the Higgs field, certainly addresses all known frequencies of electromagnetic forces (EMFs).

So here’s the bridge:  it is an established fact that ki energy (an energy which many people work with in the healing and martial arts, and which is directly related to consciousness, according to many people versed in various forms of spirituality) can be measured, and is an EMF which resides in the infrared spectrum.  Here’s one of many scientific papers asserting this:


From the introduction of this paper:  “Many people believe that ‘Ki-energy’ (life-energy) is a ‘superpsychological’ or ‘supernatural’ phenomenon. The aim of this paper is to provide evidence that ‘Ki’ is a ‘natural’ phenomenon. If it is a ‘natural’ phenomenon, it can be studied scientifically.”

What Wallace refers to as “unexplainable consciousness” is in fact an EMF.

How does this energy interact with a human being?  It is well known that when the mind “has a thought,” an electrical charge passes through the brain’s neurons.  That is to say, an EMF of a particular, measurable frequency passes through the brain.  And there exists a mechanism which translates the series of charges into thought, behavior and action.  Thus, we know there exists a way in which an EMF interacts with the matter of the human being.

It is not hard to postulate that neurons (or perhaps other biological structures in the human body) are capable of interacting with EMFs of a different frequency — according to the study cited above, in the infrared spectrum (where they located and measured ki energy).

We may not be able to measure the interaction between ki energy and physical structures in the body, but there is certainly no reason to rule out the possible influence.

(While I say “we may not,” I actually suspect, in the “those who know do not talk” department, Carroll and others are well aware of the inter-relationship between ki and the mind, and have simply been trained not to talk about it.  Mystery schools down through the ages, including the Masonic Temple, have taught their members to not talk about “inner world” phenomena.)

In any case, if we think of consciousness as an EMF, then there is no problem explaining its existence, its propagation through space, and its interaction with dense matter (like the human body), using Carroll’s Core Theory equation.

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how many times have i sat by this river?

Click for the full text — a gorgeous collection of letters…

A brief excerpt:


My gate has a sign posted on it:

Do not look back, move forward,
do not open your eyes, feel your way into this garden.

Do not smell the flowers, listen to them;
do not taste the fruit, sleep with it;
do not till the soil, plant your body deep within it.


The cover:



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